Axilis begins and ends with
our team

We invest in our people, our culture, our approach and our tools like our future depends on it. (It does.)

Sports are perfect examples of how many people working together can achieve so much more than one acting alone. For example, you may not have an open goal in front of you at the moment, but you know that if you pass that ball to the person who can score, you increase the teams chance of winning. So, no matter if you are a “striker”, “goalkeeper” or a “centre-back”, we wish to welcome you to our team.

The values of our team players

Everyone on the team plays a different role, according to their strengths – and by helping and encouraging one another, we can make some inspiring things happen.

The no-asshole rule

Everyone has their own personality, needs and personal space. We put people first and want them to feel welcome and encouraged to share their culture and habits as long as it isn’t harming others. Variety is our strength and it makes us better.

It’s a team sport

Let’s put it this way - we might be playing different matches, but we are all one team. So, whether it is developing ideas, giving feedback or support, team spirit is interlaced in all areas of our day to day work. No troops are left behind.

Quality over quantity

Always giving our best shot when working on a project. We do what ever it takes and try our best not to compromise the quality. There will always be bugs after the launch, but we try to always be ahead of the game, already fixing them.

Feedback, feedback, feedback.

Only transparency can make us detect what’s rotten and improve it. We find it important for everyone to have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on their work, their manager, and anything else that could possibly be an issue.

Passing the ball

You know how they say that knowledge increases by sharing it, not by hoarding it? We totally believe in that. We always celebrate our success stories and are not ashamed from our failures, we use them as a valuable learning experience.

Being curious and constantly learning

For us that means asking questions, discovering new technologies and not just sticking with the ones that we are used to. We especially like to accept new challenges that shake things up in our everyday work. For that reason, we value people who are ready to learn, grow and adapt.

How we stay at the top of our game

We like to experiment with new technologies and techniques, share the knowledge, and help grow our local tech communities. Here are a few ways how we do it.

Axilis Code Cadets school

Code Cadets

Formerly known as Axilis JS School, Code Cadets is an annual bootcamp that provides programmers a deep dive into the vast universe of the latest technologies. Each year, hundreds of engineers apply for about a dozen spots. Some of them have been our dear team mates for years now.


Every Thursday afternoon we gather around in the lounge area and hold "chit chat" or ChCh (Chatting on Thursdays or ćaskanje četvrtkom - the Croatian form). Non-obligatory, but so much fun, the topics range from those technology related to coffee brewing from our very own office coffee connoisseur.

Presenter at Chatting on Thursday
CoolTnT knowledge sharing

Cool TnT

Have a cool hack? Found an interesting article? Watched a good talk? Or just learned a new keyboard shortcut? Why not present it to your colleagues, they might find it interesting as well. Did we already mention we got bitten by the knowledge sharing bug?

Team Sessions

In order to ensure enough time for team development and knowledge sharing, each of our teams have their own sessions: for example, designers have their UX tea party where they can discuss kerning, while QA team joins forces on their QA biweekly extravaganza where they can judge without the judgmental looks of the others. :)

Team Sessions

Only happy teammates can create a winning team

Our employees' wellbeing is of the utmost importance. Here are a few ways we take care of that.

Making sure you are healthy and have a good work/life balance

Additional health insurance

Multisport card

100% covered sick leave

Paid vacation for students

Flexible working hours

Work from home

Supporting your professional development

Personal education budget

Knowledge sharing sessions

Regular 1-on-1s

Office library

Office perks

Office snacks and drinks

Team fun budget

Paid parking space for everyone

Standing desks and pilates balls

Christmas partyHiking during team buildingOffice, relaxing in hammock

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